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Please consult our free content for information on travelling to France and travel in France. If you are thinking of taking a holiday in France, there are a number of different ways to travel throughout the country. France has a highly efficient travel network for all forms of transport. Whether you are looking to travel in France by air, train, ferry, car, tram, metro, bike or coach your journey will be made easier due the well kept network in place in France.

French Travel Information

Driving in France

Driving in France can be a daunting prospect for some. Fortunately, this is an unfounded premise. There are very few differences when driving in France compared to the rest of Europe and the UK, except some will not be used to driving on 'the wrong side of the road'! If you are travelling to France and intend on driving, we would strongly recommend that you are up-to-date with a full list of driving offences. The following website provides a comprehensive list of driving offences in France.

Travelling by car is a comfortable way to see France. The roads are kept to the highest standards and the network is very efficient and comprehensive. "Autoroutes" (French motorways) account for 8,000 kilometres of uninterupted driving. Driving in France provides a certain flexibility to your itinary which you could not otherwise obtain from trains or other methods of transport in France.

The French highway network is run by several private companies, this explains why they are not free. The enforced tolls on the French autoroutes can be paid by credit card and cash. Regular users can benefit from subscriptions and travel cards at discounted rates.

French Train Network

France boasts a large and modern rail network managed by the national company, SNCF. French stations and train networks have undergone significant improvements in recent years. Many larger stations are now served by the renowned high speed network, TGV. provides a comprehensive list of the main French train stations.

French Airports & Air Travel

France has many popular airports and is well served from locations throughout the World. As expected, Paris has the busiest airports which are also international hubs; Paris Orly and Charles de Gaulle [also known as Roissy]. The rest of France is also well served for airports, please see the following website for a comprehensive list of all French airports. Please click on the following link to see a full list of all airline companies operating in France.

Ferries to France

Taking a ferry to France is a quick and cost-effective way of entering the country. Within a short trip from various locations on the South coast of England you will have arrived in France. It is also an easy method of Travel for those with cars and children as it can provide a good source of entertainment to keep your children amused! The most popular line between UK and France is between Dover and Calais taking approximately 2 hours each way.